Shiny Digest no.25 05.09.2022

Hey fren 👋 Welcome to the 25th edition of the SHINY digest, a weekly newsletter where we share updates on the Shiny DAO, highlights and meaningful discussions from the Shiny discord and recaps from the live-events.

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  • Yuga Labs refunded all Otherdeed minters that had failed transactions, which costed them a total of 1,653ETH (or approx 4M).
  • Beanz, Azuki's second gen nft revealed on Friday and had a pretty good reaction overall from NFT Twitter. The most underrated part of this reveal is the announcement that Rehito Hatoyama, ex-CEO of Sanrio (who's responsible for Hello Kitty) and board member of LINE Corp became an advisor to the team.
  • Doodles announced the hire of Julian Holguin, now ex-president of Bilboard, as their new CEO and subsequently mentioned that there would be an airdrop on May 12th.
  • @EmilioSantias shared thoughts on his nft investment thesis and wanted to hear thoughts from the Shiny community. @Ukituki had a great response saying that you could generalize the thesis to "explore then exploit." I think an important point of what was shared was to double down on clear winners and to not hesitate to cut losses early on losing positions (instead of waiting for them to go to 0). You can find the response here.
  • @CC is very bullish on STEPn, an up-and-coming move-to-earn game that pays you whenever you... move. Basically, you can buy a digital shoe nft that will pay you in $GST tokens for a certain amount of time that you walk or run. You can then spend GST to upgrade your shoe or swap it for $$$. If you want to read more about it, our very own @Pet talks about it in his newsletter here. I'd also recommend reading this great introduction to STEPn by Nat Eliason.
  • @AwisemanInNotion did a Twitter Space about expense management in DAOs, with the team from Parcel.
  • @Ozzy shares a good tweet on what to do during the bear market.
  • @ukituki shares a video about NFT strategies and how to find blue chip nfts.
  • @KeyR1 8093 is preparing a new PFP NFT project, and looking for dev and design talent.
  • @Colin Winhall has started building a new nocode platform.
  • @scottdavidmeyer is launching a webinar series on NFTs and DAOs.
  • @Silverback shared a project he is thinking of working on, and would like your feedback.
  • @TheCoppinger has re-built the website for his forthcoming Blockmasons project, and would love your feedback.
  • @charliew is relaunching Weekend Club as "Ramen Club" and taking it to new levels.
  • @Pet published his latest Sporting Crypto newsletter, with a review of STEPN.
  • @JayMac is launching the next phase of the Arkivists NFT project.
  • @tom_hirst's Tiny Winged Turtlez NFTs passed a minting milestone.
  • @Kallaway's Sunday:Drip have a big partnership!
  • NFTTuesday is back with a bang! This week we interviewed Brenden Mulligan, the founder of PREMINT. You can read the recap and get the link to the recording here.
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