SHINY Digest no9 - 01.16.2022

Hey fren 👋 *Welcome to the 9th edition of the SHINY digest, a weekly newsletter where we share updates on the Shiny DAO, highlights and meaningful discussions from the Shiny discord and recaps from the live-events.

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  • We all know the world of Web3 (and NFTs in particular) moves incredibly fast and without being conscious of the time spent in-front of the screen or here on Discord, it can quickly start to take a big toll on the old brain. That’s why Shiny is partnering up with a mental fitness club Dose to host regular sessions in Shiny. The first one will be on the 17th of January as 20:00 UTC.
  • A very very alpha version of the Shiny App is live! This is a destination for some of the pic info shared in the Shinyverse each day. Check out version 0.0.1 here. If you want to submit content to the site, you can do so using this form. For any product feedback or feature suggestions, you can drop those here.
  • This message from @Danidr triggered an interesting conversation about customer support in a decentralized space. Currently a lot of people are complaining that OS has awful customer support, yet they also want it to be decentralized, in which customer support will be even worst. @JonathaNFA brings a lot of good takes from this perspective.
  • @LocalTourist shares an interesting tweet that creates a discussion on P2E games having better moats than only NFTs. The biggest thesis, as @cf eloquently says is that “time invested is more important than potential gains for many people.” @LocalTourist then shares a report on P2E economics.
  • @bramk made a website for everyone who is interested to dive into Treasure and $MAGIC.
  • @JayMac shared some of the backstory for his upcoming NFT project.
  • @Martin2roude is launching a newsletter, and looking for your feedback.
  • @CurtisWasHere is launching the BYOT NFT project soon.
  • @Pet @chrismaddern and @curtisjcummings launched the first Floorcast NFT podcast.
  • @scottdavidmeyer is launching the "Ed3" newsletter - education meets web3.
  • @c0 | Tronic Racing and his son have gone live with the public mint of their Tronic Racing NFT project.
  • @Dith launched Pixel Doods, a pixel collection inspired by Doodles, and the first 1000 mint are free (Shiny new first!!). The team will be buying and airdropping Doodles to minters.
  • @DiLoco.eth is building and launching a product in 24 hours.


  • Is Nifty Gateway null & void? A blog post dropped this week pointing out that on Nifty Gateway ownership is not recorded on the blockchain, NFTs are not issued by the artist, and many IPFS links are reported dead. Read more here.
  • LooksRare, a community-first NFT marketplace launched along with a token. For those who have spent a minimum of 3 eth, you can claim $LOOK.
  • For anyone interested in GaryVee’s Book Games NFTs, there’s a thread in the nft chat that got created. You can join here.
  • Shiny seems to be a big fan of membership passes nfts that give utility. Some of our favourites include: LinksDAO, PoolSuite, SuperSea (by @Sub), NiceJPEG (by @JonathaNFA) and Floor (where @Gill is involved).
  • @Kallaway shares an interesting idea for an NFT project built around March Madness and thinks that it could generate 5000ETH+. You can read more here and join the thread to continue the discussion.
  • @bramk shares an interesting analysis on $MAGIC.
  • Smilesss and Toy Boogers have announced that both projects will be developing an animated kids show in collaboration with Time studios.
  • launched their airdrop, but seems that nobody was able to sell. The team explained that no liquidity has been put in yet.


  • $OHM and other forks such as $TIME have all tanked from a few months ago. @K-Dogg believes that OHM is still a great defi platform at it’s core and will evaluate the project in 6 months.
  • @Dwayne “The Jock” Ronson shares a thread of threads with a bunch of DeFi guides (includes guides such as Stablecoin strategies and Defi 2.0).
  • @Haku shares a resource to calculate impermanent loss.
  • @cf shares how he gets 20%+ APY on stablecoins on the FTM network.


  • New look, who dis? We finally are launching on Mirror! What do y’all think?
  • @Pet and @Ozzy are thinking of pushing parts of the podcast into public domain. You can participate in the discussion here.

SHINY Events Recap

  • Shiny Podcast Ep. 12, “Dumpster Mint Degenerates” is live. In this episode Pet and Ozzy discuss:
    • The new Shiny x Dose partnership
    • Mental fitness and how it can benefit people within the crypto space
    • Thoughts on LooksRare and their interesting model
    • Upcoming competitors to OpenSea
    • Pet's 'American' accent
    • The Ghozali Everyday craze
    • Links DAO and the experimentation phase of DAOs in general
    • Dumpster mints, what are they?
    • The benefits of smart contracts, and their positive impact
    • Is the criticism for OpenSea justified or not?

Play this episode in your browser here

Thanks to @ahs, @LocalTourist, @Rickybobbles, @Amie and @scottdavidmeyer for contributing to this newsletter. Don’t forget to subscribe and listen to the podcast.

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