Shiny Digest no.30 06.13.2022

Hey fren 👋 Welcome to the 30th edition of the SHINY digest, a weekly newsletter where we share updates on the Shiny DAO, highlights and meaningful discussions from the Shiny discord and recaps from the live-events.

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  • A new Shiny Podcast site is live where you can find previous episodes. Look out for notes and transcripts shortly!
  • @Ozzy announced a new partnership with Culture Cubs. Check our more info about the partnership and how to get involved here.
  • In response to wildly high gas prices during the Otherside mint that ultimately crashed Etherscan and turned the lights off on Ethereum, Yuga Labs shared that ApeCoin will need to to migrate to its own chain to properly scale. A proposal was put forward to the BAYC community to keep ApeCoin within the Ethereum ecosystem citing a move as "costly, risky, and complex" that could result in "catastrophic loss, or at worst abandonment by Yuga Labs and other entities." Voting opened on June 2nd and closed June 8th with 53.62% voting in favor of keeping ApeCoin within the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • In a test for the upcoming Ethereum merge, the Ropsten test network successfully merged it's PoW layer with the Beacon Chain PoS chain. This marks a successful step taken on the journey of Ethereum's real merge on mainnet that is speculated to happen in August.
  • Soon you will be able to mint & sell NFTs on Salesforce. The NFT Cloud allows you to leverage your existing CRM and commerce site to mint and sell to your customers and deploy audited smart contracts on a trusted platform. Salesforce is also playing the sustainability angle, claiming that NFT Cloud does not support "energy-wasting proof-of-work blockchains, resulting in 99% fewer emissions." The platform is currently in pilot and no date is set for general access.
  • Sartoshi, the artist behind the NFT project mfers, announced their departure from the project on Twitter last week. Their Twitter account has since been deleted but this Mirror article lives on to explain mfers next era & the end of sartoshi.
  • In the category of another (almost) one bites the dust, crypto lender Celsius announced it was suddenly pausing all customer withdrawals, swaps, and transfers. The CEL token dropped 70% on the news. Celsius had offered customers high yield for deposits in their crypto wallet. A good vote in favor of having a non custodial wallet.
  • What does the Salesforce announcement mean for mainstream adoption of NFTs? @al3xs replied, "you'll be getting a free NFT with every purchase from large brands soon." @CibbErs commented that big brand integration for proof of ownership and authenticity is the way forward for mainstream adoption. @JonathaNFA thinks as long as physical goods can be manipulated a digital asset tied to them is worthless. @Tano surmises 25% of consumers would not want purchases and sales registered and verified by a blockchain. The conversation continues at length so check it out here.
  • @Danidr asked how the mfer situation isn't the same as Zagabond yet many are praising Sartoshi's performance. @al3xs offered that it's different because there was never a roadmap and as the artist, Sartoshi receiving a 25% share of the royalties makes sense. @heystevec added that it's the meme coming full circle and the NFT should be considered performance art which will spark a lot of questions about this project, past projects, and influence future projects.
  • Besides the general aping into USDC, the Shiny crew joined Snobiety Club's Culture Cubs, a 6,666 utility-enabled PFP. Each Cub unlocks access to a private members app, Cub Labs and exclusive IRL/web3 benefits.
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