Shiny Digest no.29 06.06.2022

Hey fren 👋 Welcome to the 29th edition of the SHINY digest, a weekly newsletter where we share updates on the Shiny DAO, highlights and meaningful discussions from the Shiny discord and recaps from the live-events.

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  • Nate Chastain, OpenSea's former head of Product, stepped down last year after a number of people on Twitter discovered he was purchasing NFTs before they would appear on OpenSea's front page, and then profit from the front page pump. Last Wednesday, Chastain was arrested in New York on wire fraud and money laundering charges related to inside trading. He faces 40 years in prison.
  • Along with almost everything else in Crypto, the Solana network went down last week for 4.5 hours due to a bug in the durable nonce transactions feature. Have no idea what that means? Learn more here and here.
  • The BAYC and Otherside Discords were hacked on June 4th after a moderator’s account was compromised. Some took to Twitter to claim web3 needs a better platform that puts security first. @al3xs pointed out the convenience of it always being the tools fault and never the individuals. @Ozzy suggested more teams should check that their mods have 2FA enabled. @JonathaNFA added that as a company grows, their weaknesses start to show and the current BAYC team perhaps aren’t designed to operate a multi-billion dollar brand.
  • Floor NFT, an NFT portfolio, by our very own @chrismaddern and @curtisjcummings, saw their floor pamping this week, in part thanks to Mike Dudas through this tweet. If you want to get more alpha, you can view it here.
  • a16z launched a podcast, web3 with a16z. The first two episodes sets the stage for a deep dive series exploring topics such as auction design and mechanics, NFTs, tokenomics, zero-knowledge proofs and more.
  • You can't get very far in web3 without running into a16z (see above) and rightfully so - Marc Andreessen (the a of a16z) founded one of the first web browsers after all. Here is a core list of books that have influenced how he things about markets and technology. Maybe the breadcrumbs of web4 are scattered somewhere in there.
  • Dune Analytics announced Dune Engine v2, which is a complete overhaul of its entire data architecture and an upgrade in performance. Learn more about v2 here.
  • Zora, the NFT marketplace, released their API making it easy for developers to create their own NFT marketplaces, apps and platforms.
  • @rahuldotiyer published a Twitter thread demystifying some of nuances of starting and operating a DAO based on his own experience.
  • Copywriting is hard and the complexity of web3 only makes it harder. @Practical Principles shared 3 simple ways to write better copy.
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