Shiny Digest no.27 05.23.2022

Hey fren 👋 Welcome to the 27th edition of the SHINY digest, a weekly newsletter where we share updates on the Shiny DAO, highlights and meaningful discussions from the Shiny discord and recaps from the live-events.

  • Merch orders have been packed and will be in the post on your way soon! And @Ozzy confirms that the quality of the hoodie and t-shirt are 🤌.
  • In last week's Town Hall, @Ozzy ran through the latest happening behind the scenes of Shiny. If you missed it, you can catch the recording here.
  • @KeyR1 8093 made a poll asking shiny members what is more likely to take your attention in the current market (utility passes, pfps or land plots) and the vast majority voted for utility passes. @Practical Principles adds "I think right now is a market for builders that make concrete, falsifiable predictions about what they'll deliver. Not the market for any sort of "buy into the pump and sell before the dump." @Danidr says that he would simply look for great teams regardless of what project they're working on. You can follow the whole conversation here.

  • Chris Dixon, investor at a16z announced that they're leading the seed round for Tally Labs, the creators behind Jenkins The Valet, a new IP that was derived from a bored ape NFT. Although some members don't think this is a good thing or will go anywhere, @Practical Principles reminds us why projects like these are so important for the space. Find the discussion here.

    I believe for the decentralized IP thesis to be relevant, projects need to start world building. That makes it easier for people to start telling their own stories and makes the pieces of content interoperable because everybody operates based on the same assumptions and backstories vs. everybody making up their own.

  • A lot of Shiny members are fans of the nouns project and many consider them their grail NFT. Recently, a fork of the project called lilnouns has picked up some speed and has been gaining some traction in the NFT community. As @atareh.eth shares, lots of OG nouns are supporting it. The project is a great way to get into the nouns ecosystem without spending 80+ETH on one (current lilnouns are getting auctioned off from 0.6-0.9ETH).
  • @Practical Principles shared a really important thread for those that are dealing with hard emotions to process due to their projects failing.
  • @Ozzy shared the A16z state of crypto report containing gems such as this one highlighted by @LocalTourist: "Consider that any prospective founders who swore off tech and the internet in the aftermath of the early-2000s dotcom crash missed the best opportunities of the decade: cloud computing, social networks, online video streaming, smartphones, etc. Now is the time to consider what the equivalent successes will be in web3.”
  • @0xhaiku is introducing their new NFT project.
  • @atareh.eth interviewed Zeneca_33 on his Degen University YT channel.
  • @stavan is working with Buildspace on their "Nights and Weekends" program.
  • @kevin | plantdaddy.eth has discussed how he built his business, and is talking about business growth on his personal YT channel.
  • @rahuldotiyer got some initial artwork on Foundation for their artist Jaleel.
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